Resin Workshop – Tray & Coasters

What you will learn from this workshop:

  • Introduction to Resin as a medium
  • An understanding of the resin and the curing process
  • Surfaces on which resin art can be done
  • Different varieties of pigments
  • Resin Safety Precautions
  • Step-by-step approach covering the preparatory phase, the pouring of the resin, finishing the tray/coasters and cleaning the area.
  • I will be demonstrating resin art on tray and coasters during the online class.
  • Different tools needed for resin art and substitutes/cheaper alternatives for the same
  • Comprehensive list of supplies/art materials needed
  • Suggestions & Recommendations of brands, suppliers and where to buy art supplies

A zoom meeting link will sent one day prior to the workshop. Video recording of online class will be provided for reference after class (for 1 month)

For any queries, get in touch by email ( or whatsapp (+91-8105274037)

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