Alcohol ink art supplies – What materials you need for alcohol ink painting?

If you are a beginner and would like to buy a small set of supplies to do alcohol ink art, here is a list of absolutely necessary supplies.

  1. Alcohol inks
  2. Blending solution
  3. Non-porous surface
  4. One of the these to move the ink around – Straw, hairdryer, camera lens cleaner
  5. Tissues

However, this is the full list of supplies I use for my alcohol ink art. You could pick and choose according to your requirement.


I like it when the inks are highly pigmented and the alcohol content is not too much. Some of the brands I use are Jacquard Pinata, Beyond Inks (Indian Brand) and Ranger Tim Holtz.

a. Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks

b. Alcohol Inks from BeyondInks

BeyondInks Alcohol Inks – 15 Color Pack

View on Amazon

BeyondInks Alcohol Inks (P6 – Teal, Lavender, Denim)

View on Amazon

c. Ranger Tim Holtz Inks

Ranger Tim Holtz Beach Deco Flamingo/Patina/Amethyst Alcohol Ink -5 Oz 3/Pkg

View on Amazon


Blending solution is used to lighten the pigment in alcohol inks. It can also be used to remove alcohol ink stains off surfaces.

a. Blending solution from BeyondInks

BeyondInks Alcohol Blending Solution

View on Amazon

b. Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol with purity of 91% or more can be used as a good blending solution. There are many brands of Isopropyl Alcohols available on Amazon, any of them would work the same.

NIKS IPA Iso-Propyl Alcohol 99.9% [(CH3)2-CH-OH] CAS: 67-63-0, 250ml

View on Amazon


a. Yupo Paper

BeyondInks Yupo Alcohol Ink Paper A5 150 micron (10 Sheets)

View on Amazon

Yupo paper is also available in A3 and A4 sizes.

b. Acrylic coaster base

BeyondInks DIY Round Acrylic Coasters – Beyondinks

View on Amazon


a. Palette

Nature Arts and Colours Rectangle Plastic Palette Painting Plate with 16 Well – (White)

View on Amazon

b. Straws

c. Hair dryer

d. brushes

e. Tissues

f. Permanent ink pens and markers

Hope the list and amazon links help you find the supplies needed for alcohol ink painting.

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