About the artist

Hi, I’m Priya Ram and I live in Bangalore, India.

My tryst with art began when I was a child; there were days in my childhood when I scribbled on the walls of my home, spilled the beautiful colors of the nail paint bottles on the floor and tried to make an art out of it, sketched and painted on pots, dolls, books and everything I could lay my hands on. The fascination, passion, and love for art still remain undiminished.

I enjoy working with different art mediums – Resin, Alcohol inks, Acrylic, Charcoal, Watercolors, Graphite, etc. I have a keen interest in Indian Folk/Traditional art such Madhubani, Gond, Kerala Mural, Ganjifa, Warli, etc. I also find fluid art (using resin & acrylic) very satisfying, as the colors move around on the canvas forming beautiful patterns.

I believe that art is therapeutic and a fun way to relieve stress in our lives. Nature has always inspired me and I often try to depict it through my artwork – be it the blues of the ocean, the greens of the vast fields, or the beautiful hues of the sky.

I started this blog in July 2020 to share and capture the artworks done by me, my art experiments and the information I have gained (on different art forms, art supplies, and techniques) by numerous hours of art trials, analysis, and from the experience of conducting art classes and workshops. I hope you find the articles useful in your art journey. I wish you the best! Happy Painting 🙂